The Realstone Swiss Property Fund’s investment strategy is to acquire mainly residential apartment buildings located in Switzerland in large and medium cities or their suburbs. Value creation for shareholders is achieved by exploiting the potential for increases in rental income, and by the renovation and densification of existing buildings.


In a challenging property market, Realstone Swiss Property continues to pursue a value-generating strategy based on 4 fundamental principles: selective acquisitions, proactive renovations, targeted increases in density, and the addition of construction projects to its portfolio.

Key objectives:

  1. Investment protection: acquiring for the purpose of conservation and enhancement of assets in the long term.
  2. Location: investing in Switzerland’s most attractive regions and types of buildings.
  3. Sustainable development: renovating to improve buildings’ energy efficiency.
  4. Added value: managing buildings proactively to optimize return on investment while reducing costs to the tenants.
  5. Performance: generating sustainable added value and regular dividends for unitholders.